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Acne; Addiction; Allergies; Alzheimer's; Angina; Anxiety; Arthritis; AsthmaCataract; Chronic fatigue Syndrome; Constipation; Crohn's Disease; Dandruff; Depression; Dermatitis; DiabetesFlu & Cold; GERD; Glaucoma; Gout; Hay fever; Headache; Heartburn; HaemorrhoidsLung cancer; Male infertility; memory loss; Meniere's disease; menopause; menstrual cramps; migraine; multiple sclerosisPsoriasis; Rheumatoid arthritis; Shingles; Sinusitis; Skin diseases; Stress; Stroke; Tinnitis
Kreosotum. (A Distillation of Wood Tar.)

Dark complexion, slight, lean, ill-developed, poorly nourished, overgrown; very tall for her age (Phos.). Children: old looking, wrinkled (Abrot.); scrofulous or psoric affections; rapid emaciation (Iod.); post climacteric diseases of women (Lach.). Haemorrhagic diathesis; small wounds bleed freely (Crot., Lach., Phos.); flow passive, in epistaxis, haemoptysis, haematuria; in typhoid, followed by great prostration; dark, oozing, after the extraction of a tooth (Ham.). Roaring and humming in ears, with deafness, before and during menses. Corrosive, fetid, ichorous discharges from mucous membranes; vitality greatly depressed. Itching, so violent toward evening as to drive one almost wild (itching, without eruption, Dolichos). Painful dentition; teeth begin to decay as soon as they appear; gums bluish-red, soft, spongy, bleeding, inflamed, scorbutic, ulcerated. Vomiting: of pregnancy, sweetish water with ptyalism; of cholera, during painful dentition; incessant with cadaverous stool; in malignant affections of stomach. Severe headache before and during menses (Sep.). Menses: too early, profuse, protracted; pain during, but < after it; flow on lying down, cease on sitting or walking about; cold drinks relieve menstrual pains; flow intermits; at times almost ceasing, then commencing again (Sulph.). Incontinence of urine; can only urinate when lying; copious, pale; urging, cannot get out of bed quick enough (Apis, Petros.); during first sleep (Sep.), from which child is roused with difficulty. Smarting and burning during and after micturition (Sulph.). Leucorrhoea: acrid, corrosive, offensive; worse between periods (Bov., Bor.); has the odor of green corn; stiffens like starch, stains the linen yellow. Lochia: dark, brown, lumpy, offensive, acrid; almost ceases then freshens up again (Con., Sulph.). Violent corrosive itching of pudenda and vagina.

Relations: - Kreosote is followed well by Ars., Phos., Sulph., in cancer and disease of a malignant tendency. Carbo veg. and Kreosote are inimical.

Aggravation. - In the open air; cold weather; when growing cold; from washing or bathing with cold water; rest, especially when lying.

Amelioration. - Generally better from warmth.


Surukuku Snake Poison. (Ophidia.)

Persons of a melancholy temperament, dark eyes, and a disposition to low spirits and indolence. Women of choleric temperament, with freckles and red hair (Phos.). Better adapted to think and emaciated than to fleshy persons; to those who have been changed, both mentally and physically, by their illness. Climacteric ailments: haemorrhoids haemorrhages; hot flushes and hot perspiration; burning vertex headache, especially at or after the menopause (Sang., Sulph.). Ailments from long lasting grief; sorrow, fright, vexation, jealousy or disappointed love (Aur., Ign., Phos. ac.). Women who have not recovered from the change of life, "have never felt well since that time.". Left side principally affected; diseases begin on the left and go the right side - left ovary, testicle, chest. Great sensitiveness to touch; throat, stomach, abdomen; cannot bear bed-clothes or night-dress to touch throat or abdomen, no because sore or tender, as in Apis or Bell., but clothes cause an uneasiness, make her nervous. Intolerance of tight bands about neck or waist. Extremes of heat and cold cause great debility. Drunkards with congestive headaches and haemorrhoids; prone to erysipelas or apoplexy. Headache: pressing or bursting pain in temples < from motion, pressure, stooping, lying, after sleep; dreads to go to sleep because she awakens with such a headache. Rush of blood to head; after alcohol; mental emotions; suppressed or irregular menses; at climaxis; left-sided apoplexy. Weight and pressure on vertex (Sep.); like lead, in occiput. All symptoms, especially the mental, worse after sleep, or the aggravation wakes him from sleep; sleeps into the aggravation; unhappy, distressed, anxious, sad < in morning on waking. Mental excitability; ecstacy, with almost prophetic perceptions; with a vivid imagination; great loquacity; (Agar., Stram.); want to talk all the time; jumps from one idea to another; one word often leads into another story. Constipation: inactivity, stools lies in rectum, without urging; sensation of constriction of sphincter (Caust., Nit. ac.). Menses at regular time; too short, scanty, feeble; pains all relieved by the flow; always better during menses (Zinc.). Menses at regular time; too short, scanty, feeble; pains all relieved by the flow; always better during menses (Zinc.). Piles: with scanty menses; at climaxis; strangulated; with stitches shooting upward (Nit. ac.). The least thing coming near mouth or nose interferes with breathing; wants to be fanned, but slowly and at a distance (rapidly, Carbo v.). As soon as he falls asleep the breathing stops (Am. c., Grind., Lac c., Op.). Great physical and mental exhaustion; trembling in whole body, would constantly sink down from weakness; worse in the morning (Sulph., Tub.). Epilepsy; comes during sleep (Bufo); from loss of vital fluids; onanism, jealousy. Haemorrhagic diathesis; small wounds bleed easily and profusely (Crot., Kreos., Phos.); blood dark, non-coagulable (Crot., Sec.). Boils, carbuncles, ulcers and intense pain (Tar.); malignant pustules; decubitus; dark, bluish, purple appearance; tend to malignancy. Bad effects of poison wounds; post-mortem (Pyr.). Sensation as of a ball rolling in the bladder. Fever annually returning; paroxysm every spring (Carbo v., Sulph.), after suppression by quinine the previous autumn. Fever: typhoid, typhus; stupor or muttering delirium, sunken countenance, falling of lower jaw; tongue dry, black, trembles, is protruded with difficulty or catches on the teeth when protruding; conjunctiva yellow or orange color; perspiration cold, stains yellow, bloody (Lyc.). Diphtheria and tonsillitis, beginning on the left and extending to right side (Lac. c., Sabad.); dark purple appearance (Naja); < by hot drinks, after sleep; liquids more painful than solids when swallowing (Bell., Bry., Ign.); prostration out of all proportion to appearance of throat.

Relations: - Complementary: Hep., Lyc., Nit. ac. Incompatible: Acet. ac., Carb. ac. [Psor.]. In intermittent fever Nat. m. follows Lach. well when type changes.

Aggravation. - After sleep; contact; extremes of temperature; acids; alcohol; cinchona; mercury; pressure or constriction; sun's rays; spring. summer.


Lac Caninum.
Dogs (Milk.)

For nervous, restless, highly sensitive organisms. Symptoms erratic, pains constantly flying from one part to another (Kali bi., Puls.); changing from side to side every few hours or days. Very forgetful, absent-minded; makes purchases and walks away without them (Agnus, Anac., Caust., Nat.). In writing, uses too many words or not the right ones; omits final letter or letters in a word; cannot concentrate the mind to read or study; very nervous (Bov., Graph., Lach., Nat. c., Sep.). Despondent, hopeless; thinks her disease incurable; has not a friend living; nothing worth living for; could weep at any moment (Act., Aur., Cal., Lach.). Cross, irritable; child cries and screams all the time, especially at night (Jal., Nux, Psor.). Fears to be alone (Kali c.); of dying (Ars.); of becoming insane (Lil.); of falling down stairs (Bor.). Chronic "blue" condition; everything seems so dark that it can grow no darker (Lyc., Puls.). Attacks of rage, cursing and swearing at slightest provocation (Lil., Nit. ac.); intense ugliness; hateful. Coryza, with discharge of thick, white mucus. One nostril stuffed up, the other free and discharging; there conditions alternate; discharge acrid, nose and lip raw (Arum, Cepa). Diphtheria and tonsilitis; symptoms change repeatedly from side to side. Sore throats and cough are apt to begin and end with menstruation; yellow or white patches; pains shoot to ear. Throat: sensitive to touch externally (Lach.); < by empty swallowing (Ign.); constant inclination to swallow, painful, almost impossible (Mer.); pains extend to ears (Hep., Kali bi.); begins on left side (Lach.). Shining, glazed appearance of diphtheritic deposit, chancres and ulcers. Very hungry, cannot eat enough to satisfy; as hungry after eating as before (Casc., Cal., Cina, Lyc., Stront.). Sinking in epigastrium; faintness in stomach. Menses; too early; too profuse; flow in gushes bright red, viscid and stringy (dark, black, stringy, Croc.); breasts swollen, painful, sensitive before and during (Con.). Discharge of flatus from vagina (Brom., Lyc., Nux m., Sang.). Breasts: inflamed, painful; < by least jar and towards evening; must hold them firmly when going up or down stairs (Bry.). Serviceable in almost all cases when it is required to dry up milk (Asaf.- to bring back or increase it, Lac d.). Sensation as if breath would leave her when lying down; must get up and walk (Am. c., Grind., Lach.). Loss of milk while nursing, without any known cause (Asaf.). Palpitation violent when lying on left side > turning on right (Tab.). Sexual organs easily excited, from touch, pressure on sitting, or friction by walking (Cinn., Coff., Mur., Plat.). When walking, seems to be walking on air; when lying, does not seem to touch the bed (Asar.). Backache: intense, unbearable, cross super-sacral region, extending to right natis and right sciatic nerve; < by rest and on first moving (Rhus); spine aches from base of brain to coccyx, very sensitive to touch or pressure (Chin. s., Phos., Zinc.).

Relations: - Similar: to, Apis, Con., Murex, Lach., Kali bi., Puls., Sep., Sulph. It generally acts best in single dose. Probably no remedy in the Materia Medica presents a more valuable pathogenesis in symptoms of the throat, or one that will better repay a careful study. Like Lachesis, this remedy has met with the most violent opposition from prejudice and ignorance, which its wonderful theraputic powers have slowly, yet surely overcome. It was successfully used by Dioscorides, Pliny, and Sextus in ancient times, and revived in New York by Reisig, Bayard and Swan in the treatment of diphtheria. Reised was the first to potentize it.


Lac Defloratum.
Skimmed Milk.

The successful treatment of Diabetes and Bright's Disease with skim milk, by Donkin, was the hint which led Dr. Swan to potentize and prove it. Every symptom given has been verified in the cure of the sick. Diseases with faulty and defective nutrition with reflex affections of nervous centers. Despondent; does not care to live; has no fear of death but is sure he is going to die. American sick headache: begins in forehead, extending to occiput, in morning on rising (Bry.); intense throbbing, with nausea, vomiting, blindness and obstinate constipation (Epig., Iris, Sang.); < noise, light, motion (Mag. m., Sil.); during menses (Kreos., Sep.); great prostration; > pressure, by bandaging head tightly (Arg. n., Puls.); copious, pale urine. Globus hystericus; sensation of a large ball rising from stomach to throat, causing sense of suffocation (Asaf., Kal.). Vomiting; incessant, no relation to eating; first of undigested food, intensely acid, then of bitter water; of pregnancy (Lac. ac., Psor.). Constipation: with ineffectual urging (Anac., Nux); faeces dry and hard (Bry., Sulph.); stool large, hard, great straining, lacerating anus; painful, extorting cries. A woman had taken 10 to 12 enemas daily, often passed 4 or 5 weeks without an evacuation, constipation of 15 years standing. Menses: delayed; suppressed, by putting hands in cold water (Con.); drinking a glass of milk will promptly suppress flow until next period (compare Phos.). Great restlessness, extreme and protracted suffering from loss of sleep (Coc., Nit. ac.). Feels completely exhausted, whether she does anything or not; great fatigue when walking. Sensation: as if cold air was blowing on her, even while covered up; as if sheets were damp. Dropsy: from organic heart disease; from chronic liver complaint; far advanced albuminuria; following intermittent fever; Obesity; fatty degeneration.


Ledum Palustre.
Marsh Tea. (Ericaceae.)

Adapted to the rheumatic, gouty diathesis; constitutions abused by alcohol (Colch.). Haemorrhage into anterior chamber after iridectomy. Contusions of eye and lids, especially if much extravasation of blood; ecchymosis of lids and conjunctiva. Rheumatism or gout; begins in lower limbs and ascends (descends, Kal.); especially if brought to a low asthenic condition by abuse of Colchicum; joints become the seat of nodosities and "gout stones." which are painful; acute and chronic arthiritis. Affects left shoulder and right hip-joint (Agar., Ant. t., Stram.). Emaciation of affected parts (Graph.). Pains are sticking, tearing, throbbing; rheumatic pains are < by motion; < at night, by warmth of bed and bed-covering (Mer.); > only when holding feet in ice-water (Sec.). Complaints of people who are cold all the time; always feel cold and chilly; lack of animal or vital heat (Sep., Sil.); the wounded parts especially are cold to touch. Parts cold to touch, but not cold subjectively to patient. In some affections, warmth of bed intolerable on account of heat and burning of limbs. Swelling: of feet, up to knees; of ankle with unbearable pain when walking, as from a sprain or false step; ball of great toe swollen, painful; in heels as if bruised. Intense itching of feet and ankles; < from scratching and warmth of bed (Puls., Rhus). Easy spraining of ankles and feet (Carbo an.). Punctured wounds by sharp pointed instruments, as awls, nails (Hyper.); rat bites, stings of insects, especially mosquitoes. Red pimples or tubercules on forehead and cheeks, as in brandy drinkers, stinging when touched. Long-remaining discoloration after injuries: "black and blue" places become green.

Relations: - Compare: Arn., Crot. t., Ham., Bellis, Ruta, in traumatism; Con., in long-lasting effects of injuries.

Back pain; Breast cancer; Breast lump; Calculus; Cancer; Candidiasis; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Cholestrol HighDiarrhoea; Ear infection; Eczemz; Endometriosis; Eye Diseases; Female sexual dysfunction; Fibroid; FibromyalgiaHypertension; Impotence; indigestion; infertility; irritable bowel syndrome; insomnia; kidney stone; kidney failureSprains and strains; osteoporosis; otorrhoea; pancreatitis; prostate hypertrophy; parkison's disease; peptic ulcer; premenstrual syndromeTonsillitis; Trigeminal neuralgia; Ulcerative collitis; urinary incontinence; UTI; vitiligo; Warts; Whitlow
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