Acupuncture : The gentle art of healing.

The needle of acupuncture reaches the place where words fail

Acupuncture Point Detail

GB 30 Huantiao

Location :

At the junction of the middle and lateral third of the distance between the highest point of the great trochanter of the femur and the hiatus of the sacrum. Locate this point with patient in lateral recumbent position with thigh flexed.

Indications :

Sciatica, paralylsis of lower extremities, disorders of the hip joint and its surrounding soft tissue. Pain of the lumbar region and thigh, muscular atrophy of lower limbs, hemiplegia.

Method of puncturing :

Removes obstructions from the channel, tonifies Qi and blood, resolves damp-heat.


Perpendicularly 1.5-3.0 inches.