Acupuncture : The gentle art of healing.

The needle of acupuncture reaches the place where words fail

Acupuncture Point Detail

Du 3 Yaoyangguan

Location :

In the interspace of the spinous process between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. Loacate the point with the patient in prone position.

Indications :

Lumbago, spermatorrhea, impotence. Irregular menstruation, nocturnal emission, impotence, pain in the lumbosacral region, muscular atrophy, motor impairment, numbness an pain of the lower extremities, epilepsy.

Method of puncturing :

Strengthens the lower back, tonifies yang, strengthens the legs.


Perpendicularly 1.0-1.5 inches with needle tilted upward.